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Louise Farmer
David Farmer
Mr. Grey

The man known only as Brint interrogates Adam on the interview tapes. At first he appears to be a psychiatrist, helping Adam remember his past. His tone is gentle and kind, and he encourages Adam to take his time. Gradually, it becomes clear that he has his own agenda and that discovering what Adam can remember is perhaps more important to Brint than it is to Adam. As Adam begins to distrust Brint he begins to resist answering Brint’s questions. When Adam voices his mistrust or asks Brint a direct question about his intentions, Brint cleverly changes the subject every time. He is always pushing Adam to remember his past and if Adam doesn't want to Brint is quick to push medication upon Adam. He plays an important role as a guide in Adam's journey to remember Adam's past and figure out how and why he is in the home.